Eco, clean and beautiful

Eco bowels and cutlery for everyday use

Baking accessories

Rattan bowls for bread dough fermentation

Sprouting is fun, sprouts are tasty and healthy

Discover sprouting jars and automatic sprouters

Manual juicers and presses

For wheat grass, pomegranate and citruses

Essential tools&gadgets for fruit and veg cuting

Usefull and low cost help - must have!

Nut Milk bags and strainers

For delicious home made nut milks

Hurom slow juicers spare parts

Spare parts for your favorite slow juicer

Table cloth and decoration

For cozy and stylish atmosphere in your dinning room

Small Kitchen utensils

Must have gadgets for organized kiitchen

Modern Kitchen sink and faucet

Beautiful and functional sinks and faucets

LED grow lamps for your plants

Grow fresh spices in your kitchen

Urban gardening

Grow fruits and vegetables on your patio or balcony

New! Natural Health Glows Skincare

Health Glows natural care by Marina